Microsoft Dynamics NAV can make your life simple and your business thrive, but under the hood there are tips and tricks that can enhance your experience and make using NAV even more profitable. Read on to for the tips & tricks that you wish youd known ages ago!

Most new NAV clients are only ever exposed to the Configuration Packages in the context of “RapidStart” templates – the quick but powerful way of loading beginning balances, subledger data, customers, vendors, etc. into the system during the implementation process.

The truth is that the Configuration Packages functionality is still powerful long after you’ve implemented NAV. It’s a fast, stable, and robust mechanism for both mass-updating data in NAV and also for extracting information.

1. It’s as simple as pointing to the table you want to extract/update:

2. Selecting the fields you want to include:

3. Including any relevant filters (e.g. for extracting specific customers/vendors):

4. And then exporting to Excel:

5. And there you have a data extract:

6. And you can make any necessary changes/tweaks and re-upload the spreadsheet into NAV for mass-updating records:

An example of a mass-update could be if you get a new Price List from a supplier – let’s say you want to mass-update all that supplier’s items.

Simple – pick the Item table, put a filter for that supplier’s Vendor No., include the Item No., Item Name, and Last Direct Cost fields, export to Excel, make your changes, reimport the updated sheet into Excel.


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