Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The Beating Heart of your company

ERP solutions originated in the manufacturing industry but now deliver value for companies of all sizes across many different industries.  An ERP solution is effectively the beating-heart of an organisation and utilises information from all departments within an enterprise including finance, sales, purchasing, warehouse, manufacturing and services. ERP solutions also integrate with existing systems and processes, to raise visibility and productivity.

Partner with Acumen to join over 100,000 companies around the world in harnessing the power of Microsoft Dynamics ERP software. Exceptional systems that will give you reliable and intuitive control of your operations.

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Business Intelligence (BI)

Delivering business information you can trust

BI solutions analyse, drill down or mine data to provide organisations with accurate information that can be trusted. This in turn enables decisions to be made with confidence. Organisation with robust BI systems (often referred to as a corporate memory) are more efficient and more competitive.

Get the fundamental data and information you need in real time with the Qlik Business Discovery programme. BI is about enabling you to make decisions with confidence. Qlik software only delivers information you can rely on.

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Online Integration

Empower your partners, employees and customers

With so much power under the hood of your business, the next step is to let your people step on the gas. Whether its your employees, partners or customers – providing them with online tools to engage with your products and services requires integration.

Show the world why your products or services are best in class. Our in-house development team specialises in delivering online integration that will amaze customers, leverage your systems to automate your sales delivery process and reduce administration.

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