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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central introduced neat functionality with its Wave 2 update in 2019 to deliver you more control – multi-tasking across multiple pages.

You can either open the page in new browser tab or use the icon to open the page in a new window allowing you the freedom to use several pages at the same time.


New Browser Tab

You can open a new browser and paste Business Central link as it is. When you do this, each browser tab will act as a separate session. If you do update on one tab, you will need to refresh the other tab to see the update.

Open page in a new window

Look for new window icon on the top right corner of your page.


This functionality allows you to pop out a card or document into a new connected window.


You can pop up several records and do comparison between records easily with this method.

With this method, the new browser tab works as a connected session to the main page. Any update on the connected-page will get reflected on the main page immediately.

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