Quality management is the lifeblood of any productive business.

But in the modern business environment – characterised by growing compliance requirements, increasingly sophisticated value chains, not to mention high customer expectations – errors in business processes can be costly to both reputations and the bottom line.

Simply put, having effective, sophisticated Quality Management Systems – and the right software solution to manage them is crucial.

Introducing Acumen Consulting’s Quality Management Solution.

Acumen QMS is the ultimate quality control solution for your products and processes. No matter how big or small your business, how labyrinthine your production process, or how complex your business model, Acumen QMS makes quality control, simpler, quicker and more efficient than ever before.

Its where high-quality control meets high-tech.

Automatic for the people

Acumen QMS is made to make doing better business easier. Bringing together everything you need in one easily accessible, centralised location, Acumen QMS means you’ve always got a top-down view of your business – and absolute control over quality.

Using sophisticated automation capability, Acumen QMS streamlines your quality management processes across the value chain. Even better, Acumen QMS operates right within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – a purpose-built solution right within your ERP.

You’re in control

No matter how sophisticated your production ecosystem is, with Acumen QMS, full visibility and control is delivered in real-time. Manage corrective actions with just a few clicks. Implement preventive measures with a few more. React to customer issues in seconds.

Acumen QMS offers unparalleled detail and effortless command across the business.

  • Create unlimited quality control templates, template stages and template questions and copy these to create new templates
  • Create actions based on critical and non-critical questions and auxiliary conditions – or combinations thereof
  • Control mandatory selection criteria
  • Create comprehensive Quality Control logs with attached supporting documentation in moments
  • Easily set quality control documents to be sent for approval automatically when certain conditions are met
  • Allow manual intervention by QC Management to override decisions
  • Comprehensive report and detailed historical logs

Acumen QMS gives you granular insights into your systems and processes, improving your efficiency, increasing productivity and helping you make better strategic decisions.

Flexibility is key

Every business is different, with unique systems, processes and considerations. Acumen QMS is designed to work with your current quality management systems – not in spite of them – while giving you heightened efficiency, happier customers and improved profitability.

Whether you’re overhauling your entire production process, or just saying goodbye to an outdated QMS system, Acumen QMS offers the ultimate in quality management, visibility and control.

We’re Acumen – where consulting truly means something so to enhance the way your organisation manages and actions quality, work with us to develop a solution perfectly tailored to your requirements.

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