Acumen’s senior developer for Dynamics NAV/365BC – Jurica Bogunovic, recently encountered some obstacles raising partner support tickets. If you’ve come up against similar challenges, read on to see how Jurica recommends you proceed.

You may have noticed that, since mid-March 2019, partners can no longer raise technical support tickets on PartnerSource. If you check the banner link on PartnerSource, you will be sent to this page which advises we should be using – which is not actually the way to go, as it requires credit card or prepaid incidents.

Alternative approach, if you are a partner and member of “Ready To Go!” programme, is to raise the tickets via Collaborate Feedback. However, tickets I personally raised through Collaborate/”Ready to go” program take very long time to get any kind of feedback, and were mostly closed without resolution, with Microsoft leaving message “you should raise tech support ticket”.

Feedback on this from Microsoft is they are in the process (!) of setting up proper support for D365BC. Until this is sorted, the process seems to be as described below. This should result in raising tech support ticket that does not require credit card or subscription – which is what we need when reporting bugs in base product.

To start, log in to Partner Center and access Customers list.



Select one of the customers to open Service Management page. Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and select New Request.



From the available options pick Office 365/Dynamics 365:



This will open Office support portal, and will by default open the “Need help?” dialog on the right (1). You can also open same dialog by clicking on Support section on the left (2):



Type the details of your issue in the box and your support request will be created. This is very important: Make sure you include words “Dynamics 365 Business Central” in the text so it gets routed to appropriate team at Microsoft!


Jurica Bogunovic, Fun with C/Side – May 20, 2019

Jurica Bogunovic is part of Acumen’s team of expert programmers and regularly generates helpful content for our customers.

Jurica’s content is showcased on his blog “Fun with C/SIDE – Fun and games with C/SIDE and MS Dynamics NAV” Click here to see more useful content, tips and advice:




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