One of the questions we are often asked is: “Is there AP Automation in NAV?”

The simple answer is yes, however when following this question up with two of my own, there are different layers of complexity added:

  • Do you also want to automate expenses?
  • Would you like to be able to approve these invoices outside of NAV?

The good news is that there is a system that integrates so smoothly into Dynamics NAV, you won’t even be able to tell that it is an addon – Continia.

Continia is a Software Company established in 1990 and based in Denmark with over 700 partners worldwide in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central ecosystem. With proven experience in system support and installation, Continia is the ideal partner for Acumen and NAV to bring simple solutions to complex Document Automation issues for our customers.

Continia has solutions for Document Capture (Invoice Automation), Expense Management, Web Approvals and a raft of other offerings designed to help streamline your business.

Continia Document Capture allows you to scan and send invoices to a predefined email address that processes the invoice using OCR technology, recognising the fields on the document against templates set up for your vendors and creates invoices directly in NAV with this data. You can get your vendors to send their invoices directly to this address and you will just see the documents appearing in your queue for processing.

Any documents that require some form of interaction or where the system does not agree to the total amounts shown on the invoice and those registered, you can adjust and adapt how the template picks up the invoice fields on the fly. In this way you “teach” Continia to recognise different formats and information on the invoices.

Purchase Invoices received and scanned can also be automatically matched against existing Purchase Orders or Receipts. If the amounts for these are within tolerance levels, the invoice can be automatically approved and posted in NAV.

Paperless Approvals that work!

Continia’s Approvals can be set up to be used directly within NAV or with the Continia Approval Portal, accessible via any web browser. This allows even non-NAV users to be able to approve, reject or delegate approval requests. Adding comments is simple and additional attachments are as easy as click and drag. All scanned documents are available for the user to view and compare and setup of the Approval Workflow ensures that Approvers only see those requests relevant to them. Standard DFA approvals as well as G/L or Dimension-level approvals are also available.

With no installation needed locally, connecting to the Web Approval Portal using Continia’s Online Service hosted in Microsoft Azure means all users get real-time access, regardless of location.

Even better… Continia’s Web Approval Portal can be used to approve Expense Claims too.

Need to find a document? Easy!

Continia’s document archive holds all the files that have been scanned and these can easily be accessed from within NAV. You can even search by word or phrase for any previously OCR scanned document to find exactly what you are looking for.

We ‘get’ You

We’re Acumen – where consulting truly means something so to enhance the way your organisation processes, manages and uses documents, work with us to develop a solution perfectly tailored to your requirements.

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