When it comes to managing progress claims, variations or retentions, Acumen can empower your business, introduce automation and deliver enhanced productivity and profitability

Progress Claims

Create progress claims depending on the invoicing setup on the job. You .can define a job as Time & Material or Fixed Price and create job-specific invoices such as Cost + Factor or % of completion.

  • Create all progress claims in batch for a specific period
  • Progress Claims per Customer are created from the WIP reports
  • Change the amounts and/or percentages to be invoiced
  • Send (email, hard-copy) to the customer for approval
  • Approved the progress claim and create the Sales Invoice



Create extra work for the jobs as a separate variation. Keep track of budgets and actuals (cost and sales) for the entire job or per variation.

  • Manage variations from both a cost and revenue perspective
  • Variations can follow the invoice type of the Base contract or have their own processing



Manage retention on both customer and subcontractor level

  • Manage retention (fixed or variable) when creating the sales invoice
  • Keep track of the retentions held by the customer and create the retention invoice at completion of the job and after the remainder after a fixed period (usually 1 year)
  • Define a retention schedule on the project to automatically calculate the retentions held on each invoice
  • The retention management screen provides an overview of all retentions held on the jobs and when they are due to be billed


Tender Management

The Advanced Jobs & Services Tender & Opportunity Management module enhances the opportunity management module from standard Business Central.



Microsoft 365 Business Central offer powerful reporting tools that help you visualise several project factors in a variety of views.


Time Sheets

Time Sheet Administrators can use the Create Time Sheets batch job to set up time sheets for a specified number of time periods or weeks for specified users – enabling the time sheet owner to record and review the time spent on a task.


Pricing Calculations

The calculation of the cost and sales budget of the Tender/Opportunity can be done in or outside of Microsoft 365 Business Central.